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The Front Lines

March 4, 2011


In football it is very common to hear analysts and experts to say, “this game will come down to the battle in the trenches” when referring to which team will win or lose. The “trenches” is a reference to where the really big guys push and shove each other on each play. These players are […]

Be the Force

February 11, 2011


When I was in college I failed physics and had to retake it in summer school. Despite struggling in this course twice, I eventually passed and managed to remember one very important law of motion: inertia. It basically states: anything in motion or at rest will stay in that state unless acted upon by an […]

A Super Display of Improvisation

February 4, 2011


Everyone knows it is Super Bowl weekend, one of the most hyped and over-analyzed sporting events of all time. As I type these words the pilgrimage and the parties are taking place in celebration of the NFL’s biggest day of the season. Even the casual/half-interested fan will be tuning in to see a play or […]

A Tub of Hot Water

February 1, 2011


Most people I know do not like to stretch for any reason, whether it be before a workout or trying new foods. If we can help it, most of us would choose to stay in our comfort zones because it is safe and easy. But doing so decreases your capacity to grow and limits your […]

Don’t Drown Your Flame

January 21, 2011


In my bathroom I have two candles that I light every morning instead of turning on the light. The candles allow my pupils to adjust slowly and see where I am going without a blinding light. The other morning I noticed one of the candles losing its flame. When I took a look at it, […]

Know What to Look For

January 7, 2011


The other day I was on one of my usual drives in the city, listening to sports talk radio and I heard one of the hosts of the show mention the name Scott Pioli. To the average fan or someone who does not follow sports that closely, the name may not mean much to you. […]

Chip Away

December 31, 2010


It is the end of a year and the beginning of another. So, let the toasts and cheers to change begin. The next few days and weeks will be filled with visions of improvement and high hopes of something better. There will be a spike in gym memberships, choreographed decluttering efforts and a list of […]