A Tub of Hot Water

Posted on February 1, 2011


Most people I know do not like to stretch for any reason, whether it be before a workout or trying new foods. If we can help it, most of us would choose to stay in our comfort zones because it is safe and easy. But doing so decreases your capacity to grow and limits your possibilities.

Throughout all my years of playing sports, stretching is something I always hated to do. But I knew it was necessary in order to get maximum performance out of my muscles. So, I developed a discipline to help me stay flexible.

During my downtime at home, I would fill my tub with hot water, sit in it and stretch my hamstrings and lower back as far as I could and hold it. I would do this for 20-25 minutes. Over time, this helped me increase the capacity of those muscles, which improved my overall flexibility. Most importantly, this routine helped me do something uncomfortable, yet vital to my development, in a more comfortable way.

Are you a person that needs a little stretching in some areas? Have you struggled getting out of your comfort zone? What is a “tub of hot water” that you can identify to help you do it in a more comfortable way? Do you have some friends or colleagues that will help you along? Maybe there is an activity you can find to help you stretch beyond your areas of comfort. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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