Reasons Not to Overreact

Posted on September 13, 2010


Emotions are a good thing because they serve as barometers to gauge the impact of what is happening around us and provide an opportunity to identify how that impact feels. When things happen, whether good or bad, we feel an emotion. Sometimes it is obvious and visible. Other times it is hidden and private. Either way, there is always a reaction.

The most influential leader in my life, my dad, taught me how important those reactions are. Over the years, I learned about having my moments and not letting my moments have me. Here are a few of those things that keep me from swaying too far to the right or left.

1. Emotions and how you feel in the moment tend to make any situation bigger than it really is. It is usually not as good or bad as you think.

2. Time will not stay in that moment. Regardless of what happens, time will move forward with or without you.

3. The end result does not tell the whole story. A thorough evaluation helps to keep things in perspective.

4. It can go the other way at any moment. Stay “hopeful” if you are down and “humble” if you are up.

So, if your team won or lost this weekend, or if you had a great first date or ended a relationship, or whatever the high or low is, try to take in the moment for what it is and keep it moving. Learn, apply and improve.

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