Have You Called Africa or Asia?

Posted on July 1, 2010


A few years ago, I heard an assistant pastor tell a story about a request from his boss, who happens to be one of the most influential pastors of our time. Apparently this assistant pastor was charged with acquiring some supplies needed for a very important meeting or engagement. After searching high and low, he was unable to find these supplies. It was baffling to him because these were  common goods that they often ordered. But no one had them in stock for some reason. So he delivered the disappointing news to his boss that all of the companies he contacted were out of stock. He felt he had done the best he could do.

His boss responded in a very displeased tone saying, “Did you call Africa? Did you call Asia?” With a very confused look on his face, the assistant pastor said, “No.” His boss replied, “Well, you haven’t done the best that you can do. Go find me those supplies.”

Guess what happened next? He found those supplies!

I think about that story every time I feel I have done the best that I can do! Right now, I need some supplies. What about you?

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