Message to Old School: “Please Stop!”

Posted on June 18, 2010


This may sound funny, but I seriously pray for myself (at the tender age of 32) that I don’t become one of the those “older” people who always complain about the younger generation. By the time I qualify for AARP and discount coffee at McDonald’s, I hope I am not reflecting on how much better the good ‘ole days were 20 years earlier because I can’t relate to the ’20 somethings’ at my job.

All jokes aside, let’s stop with the talk about how much things have changed, in that tone that suggests you wish they had not. Every generation has evolved and contributed to improvements, along with bold and controversial stands against norms from the past. The truth is, this generation or shall I say my generation, has great potential and we need and want support from the ‘old school’. So what if we are not interested in working at one job forever or sitting at a desk all day until 5:00. It doesn’t mean that we have a problem. It just means you have no point of reference for our perspective.

So, let’s have conversations and get to know each other. Then maybe we can see the value in our experiences and not devalue each others perspectives.

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