It’s Hard for Me to Relax

Posted on June 11, 2010


My wife Ericka, says that I have a problem. I can’t relax. She says that I am too hard on myself and I need to chill. She’s right (a little bit), except for the chilling part, because I do chill with a book or magazine that keeps my brain going. Either way, I know that I am a hard driver who always sees room for improvement. But I like that. Is that really a problem?

Here’s the thing. As an athlete, I was conditioned in my formative years to push myself hard to get better everyday. This has helped me to achieve great things. Look no further than my journey to the NFL as an undrafted rookie free agent out of a school you never heard of. How do you turn that off?

So as I type these words as a defensive stance, I know I need to turn it off from time to time, without the books and magazines. Maybe I should look at this as another opportunity for improvement, which will help me feel a sense of accomplishment. Then I can still feel like I am being productive  while I relax. I think I see how this can work.

Now I feel better about working on a relaxation plan. Isn’t it called a Sabbath?

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