Cheetahs Don’t Need to Stretch

Posted on May 4, 2010


When I was a rookie defensive back with the Washington Redskins, my future Hall of Fame teammate and good friend Deion Sanders had an unusual approach to warming up for practice. He never stretched. He just joked around and twisted his body from side to side simulating some sort of warm up routine that we all knew was far from stretching. One day, someone asked him why he never stretched. He replied in typical “Primetime” fashion, “have you ever seen a cheetah stretch before he chases his prey?”

As you would suspect, laughter erupted amongst the team as we all continued our routines. I never forgot that day.

Cheetahs are born with flexible spines and lean, muscular bodies. No one teaches them how to run. Speed is in their DNA. Running is instinctive. They just have to decide when and what they want to chase.

At some point I realized, we’re no different than Deion Sanders or cheetahs.

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