Who Can I Call? Who Can I Talk To?

Posted on April 29, 2010


Perspective is very valuable to the formation process. So, whenever I have an idea or something I may want to pursue, I ask myself, “who can I call, who can I talk to.” I intentionally seek out people who can help me think through, clarify or shape my perspective.

Sometimes it is someone I know. Sometimes it is a complete stranger that I emailed or met at conference. Sometimes it is someone that I know, that knows someone, who is friends with someone they know. It could literally be anyone. The worse they can say is, “no”.

Here is why I do it.

  1. I get a chance to bounce ideas, questions or problems off people who have experience or specific knowledge.
  2. I want to challenge my own idea, strategy or conclusion.
  3. I want to learn and pick up wisdom.
  4. I want to establish potential relationships.
  5. I want to be prepared.

Find someone to call or talk to.

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