Posted on April 23, 2010


This morning I was not in the best of moods because my entire day was thrown off by something unexpected. If you plan and script things like I do, then you know exactly the feeling I am talking about. An adjustment here or there is fine, but when the entire plan has to change, it can be a problem. Today, it was a problem.

No one likes to be inconvenienced.

But as I drove my SUV down unfamiliar, winding roads, while checking my directions to this inconvenient destination, I had several thoughts that seem to be a theme in my life right now. As I reflected, it was as if a calm came over me like a warm blanket on a winter night. I took a few deep breaths, started to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The thematic thoughts I had can be summed up this way: If you follow me, I will take you many places that you have not seen, down roads that are unfamiliar, at times that are not convenient. Just follow my script, not yours. I know what I am doing.God

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