Dreaming Again

Posted on April 21, 2010


Around this time ten years ago, I was a senior in college pouring my heart and soul into a dream I had as a little boy. The National Football League was something many of my childhood friends talked about. For some reason I actually believed it. Fast-forward years later and here I was a no-name All-American at a no-name school in a no-name town where everyone went home on the weekends instead of our games.

I had a ridiculous focus and such audacious faith. I had no business believing that I could actually play in the NFL. Yet, I trained like a crazy person 4 days a week, with 19 hours of class each week.  No phone calls, no agent and no indication that this was worth my time. I even made my own highlight tape with nowhere to send it.

I got one shot to workout for one team. Someone who knew someone called me, watched the homemade tape I made and wanted to work me out.

On a late Saturday afternoon in April, my parents waited with me in my dorm room to watch the draft and my name never appeared on the screen next to a team. I had no other plans besides graduating. But the phone did ring right after the draft. It was the call. It was crazy to even think it was possible.

It lasted shorter than I expected, just a few years. But it happened. It was always a reality in my mind.

Now that I am older and no longer living that dream, I am back in that place again believing something I have no business believing, chasing something beyond my reach, engaged like a crazy person with no guarantees. For some reason, I actually believe like I did ten years ago. Maybe it will happen again. Maybe I will defy the odds again. I’m pouring my heart and soul into it.

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